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[icon icon=”fa fa-search” position=”icon-left” title=”Simplifies Inspections”]From conducting daily safety inspections to delivering the inspection forms to the appropriate parties, we make daily inspections simpler, smoother and swifter![/icon][icon icon=”fa fa-cube” position=”icon-left” title=”Easy to install & use “]The app is easy to download and does not require technical expertise for use[/icon]
[icon icon=”fa fa-paper-plane-o” position=”icon-left” title=”Customized Inspections”]Along with forklifts, mobile service trucks, Class 8 trucks and trailer and shops, we deliver customized inspection solutions[/icon][icon icon=”fa fa-lock” position=”icon-left” title=”Safe and secure”]Equipped with the all latest safety features, you can use the app, without a worry![/icon]
[icon icon=”fa fa-industry” position=”icon-left” title=”Flexible Pricing”]We offer customers a custom pricing system. The fee depends on the number of units inspected.[/icon][icon icon=”fa fa-cog” position=”icon-left” title=”Amazing features”]From access to compliance checklists to report generation, Stay Inspected has all the right features to streamline inspections.[/icon]

No more wrinkled, dirty, and hard-to-read inspection sheets. Our system eliminates all the hassles that come along with paper inspections and relying on the inspector to actually return a completed and legible form to you.


We have inspections that cover Forklifts, Class 8 Trucks and Trailers, Mobile Service Trucks, Daily Shop Inspections, and so much more! We will also make a custom inspection based on your specific inspection needs, at no additional cost.


Did you know that most inspections are required to be kept on-site for at least 90 days? The amount of paperwork, filing, sorting, and tracking that our program will save you is truly amazing. Our program will pay for itself!


Take Safety Inspection & Compliance to The Next Level!

We went above and beyond to create a mobile app that streamlines safety inspection and compliance and boost workplace productivity.

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A Top-Notch Unit Safety Inspection Mobile Application

Conducting safety inspections to stay complaint with OSHA and other leading authorities’ regulations—it’s a crucial aspect of smooth and productive workplace management. Lucky for you, you don’t have to spend excess time and money hiring safety inspectors to do the job.

You can do it yourself, starting today!

A robust app for workplace safety inspections, Stay Inspected can be downloaded on your mobile device to conduct thorough inspections of your equipment and other work units on the field any time you want. Access to compliance checklists, questionnaires, and report generation—the app has all the right features for you to streamline daily shop inspections.

Simple to learn and priced efficiently, the app will help you take your inspections to the next level. Sign up now!