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Forklift Trucks

On the surface, forklift trucks may seem harmless, but they happen to be some of the most dangerous types of vehicles in the workplace. They are known to cause serious injuries in factories, warehouses and workshops across the country. In some cases, forklifts have also caused fatalities.

Because forklift trucks are so hazardous, Oregon has enforced some of the strictest safety inspection laws in the country.

Trucks & Class 8 Trailer

Annual inspections of truck and class 8 trailers are necessary to ensure that these vehicles are safe to use.

Safety inspections of large motor vehicles require checking the brakes, suspensions, wheels & rims, turn signals, fuel systems and more.

The traditional methods of motor vehicle inspection require a lot of documentation. The process is lengthy and the paperwork needs to be stored on site for many months.

Stay Inspected – The Mobile App

We offer an alternate method of safety inspections of motor vehicles. We’ve developed a unique system which allows you to self-check your vehicle using a detailed checklist and a mobile app.

With our system, heavy-duty motor vehicles like forklifts and trucks can be inspected efficiently without the hassle of paperwork.