Many a times we have heard of shocking and disturbing workplace accidents that could’ve been prevented. A safety hazard or some psychological hazard perhaps encountered by an employee; or incidents that could’ve easily been prevented if they had been discovered in time. The shocking news of a workplace accident or death even, is not uncommon.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, accidental falls, trips, and slips make up for around 15% of all accidental deaths annually. It is the second-leading cause of death, right behind vehicular accidents.

We may be disturbed at first to hear it, but many of us find ourselves asking the question: why? Why did it happen? What was the cause of it? And could it have been avoided? A workplace inspection is a surefire way of avoiding any such tragic incidents.

The Functions of a Workplace Inspection

In order to understand why workplace inspections are necessary, we first need to realize the purpose they fulfill. When developing a health and safety program for your workplace environment, an inspection should serve to:

  • Identify any existing or potential workplace hazards
  • Determine the underlying causes of those hazards
  • Put in place and monitor all hazard controls
  • Suggest corrective action to counteract the hazard
  • Listen and note down the concerns of the employees and supervisors
  • Gain insightful understanding about the jobs and tasks of the workplace

Following are the benefits that a workplace inspection offers to the employees as well as the employers:

Keeps Employees Safe

One of the biggest reasons why workplaces need inspections is because the process guarantees employee safety.  All employers value their employees and want them to remain safe while they’re working. An accidental injury can also be detrimental to the business’s productivity as it means missed days and loss of work. Some workplaces require more comprehensive inspections, such as grocery stores, warehouses, and meat packing establishments where the employee injury risk is 75% more than other industries.


Employer Protection

If an employee trips or falls and suffers serious damages due to workplace hazards, they will likely file a lawsuit against the company for restitution damages. Preventing employee injuries also means preventing potential lawsuits. Save your company expensive attorney fees by doing regular inspections.

Increased Employee Satisfaction

Your motto for conducting inspections shouldn’t be “because we have to,” it should be “because we care.” Your employees are human beings too so make sure they are safe by conducting workplace inspections.

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