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Stay Inspected has a clear-cut goal: to reduce all complexities that come along with safety inspections and compliance.

We strive to inform and educate business owners through the Stay Inspected app so that they know what to expect from it.

If you have any questions about Stay Inspected, we encourage you to read the following. This will help you understand how the app works and why you need it.

Stay Inspected is a mobile app that serves as one-stop solution for all your workplace safety inspection and compliance requirements.

From conducting safety inspections to adhering to OSHA and other authorities’ regulations, the innovative, user-friendly and robust mobile app can handle various aspects of workplace safety inspection and compliance.

Stay Inspected is designed for equipment and business owners. The app can be used for inspecting forklifts, mobile service trucks, class 8 trucks and trailers and shops.

Furthermore, you can also get a custom inspection solution, based on your specific inspection needs, at no additional cost! 

Equipment inspections are crucial to ensure workers’ safety and to stay complaint with OSHA and other authorities. Most organizations still rely on outdated paper-based methods for inspections.

To avoid hassles and save time, you need Stay Inspected. The mobile app comes with outstanding features, which includes inspection report generation, delivering inspection forms to the appropriate parties and more.

Easy to download and use, Stay Inspected enables organizations and equipment owners to streamline inspections.