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Pricing Information

Stay Inspected’s pricing system is simple and straightforward. We offer customers customized pricing plans and flexible billing options. You can select the payment plan that best suits your preferences and interests.

Keep in mind, customer confidentiality is extremely important to us. We do not, under any circumstances, share any customer’s personal or financial information with any external or third party.

Stay Inspected’s Pricing System

Check out our pricing plans below:

Pay Monthly — $5.99 per unit (Credit Card Auto Payment Only)

Pay Quarterly — $14.97 per unit  ($4.99 per month, a 17% discount)

Pay Annually — $47.88 per unit ($3.99 per month, a 34% discount)

Make safety inspection and compliance easier faster and simpler!

Go paperless and maximize operational efficiency and productivity

Gain complete visibility into inspection reporting and fulfill compliance requirements