Equipment is one of the most salient features of your organization’s production unit. Well-functioning, up-to-date equipment allows your organization to remain spot on with its overall productivity.

Another important aspect of state of the art machinery is that it ensures workers’ safety. So if your machinery hastopnotch performance without any faults or defects, it will guarantee your staff’s safety.

However, to make sure that the equipment in your organization works at its highest potentials to deliver maximum productivity, efficiency and, guarantee a safe and healthy workplace environment for your employees, you need to carry out routine safety inspections.

Some of the most in-use yet dangerous equipments in your organization include forklifts, class 8 trucks and trailers, etc. The reason why this equipment is dangerous in the workplace is because it is prone to accidents. For example, if a nut in the forklift’s upholder loosens up overtime, the inventory being loaded can lead to a collapse and perhaps even fall on an employee standing nearby. A brake failure in the forklift can result in a crash.

This is why, it is important to carry out routine inspections. Beginning with the benefits of routine equipment inspections, the first thing to take into account is detecting any faults. Identifying faults or failures in the vehicle can allow you to fix them right away, preventing accidents that could have occurred, had they been used.

Moreover, routine equipment inspections are necessary because they minimize work delay. The most frustrating thing for you can be the failure of your equipment’s performance at the time of its need as it impedes an efficient productivity.

However, with routine equipment inspections, you can actually prevent that from happening and keep your equipment up-to-date at all times.

Despite this, many organizations fail to carry out routine equipment inspections. This happens because the inspection process is quite time-consuming.  But with new technology like Stay Inspection, you can now avail an equipment inspection app and digitally carry out routine workplace inspections.

Stay Inspected is a workplace safety inspection app, available for Android and iOS. This app offers excellent features that scan your equipment and give you instant digital reports about the condition of your equipment.

To use this app, you need to Sign Up with your inspector’s name. You will get a company number and unit numbers. Enter a specific unit number to inspect your equipments.

Download the Stay Inspected app for improved and routine equipment inspections.